Why a hairy bikini line is good for you and women everywhere

Here we are in year who-knows-what of The Thing we’re tired of talking about but can’t stop thinking about. How are you doing? How is your hairy bikini line doing? Yes, that was a screechingly sharp left turn. But assuming your mental airspace is congested with matters large and small and you’d like a diversion from residual existential dread, let’s talk body hair.

As we tiptoe back into the world, the beauty spotlight is shining on which bits of our grooming routine we were secretly doing for others all along. Personally, heat styling my hair has been as zealously picked back up as it was dropped in March 2020. My home skincare routine has never been so extensive and, my god, I appreciate a professional facial now, while salon leg waxes remain usurped by the painless efficiency of going DIY with the best razors for women.

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