Which perfume lasts longest? How to pick a scent that lasts

Asking which perfume lasts longest is a bit like asking which cocktail tastes most delicious. Sure, there are certain qualities that will make one scented linger on the skin longer than another—scientific factors like composition, percentage of fragrance oil, and evaporation rates—but much comes down to your own personal taste too.

It’s absolutely worth doing your homework to find the best perfume for women that really lasts. For starters, you can apply it before breakfast and continue enjoying it all day. You won’t need to carry a clunky glass bottle around or worry that it’s going to explode in your bag (even the prettiest flower fragrances don’t make a great dressing on your lunch-break caesar salad). Plus you’ll never be that person who fills a confined public space with a throat-burning fog of freshly-spritzed fragrance molecules. No need! The right perfume will keep you smelling sweet sans top-ups.

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