Traveling around Europe with low-cost airlines

Are you planning to visit several major European cities at once, but don’t have time for trains? Use low cost airlines! Many airlines offer flights between cities in Europe at a price of 80 euros, but you can find unique deals.

low-cost airline

For example, Ryanair systematically offers flights from London to any of dozens of European cities for about 16 euros.

Even taking into account taxes and airport fees, these flights are very profitable. Also, the price will be lower if you book a ticket in advance, and the most expensive ones remain for those who are late.

One-way flights are as beneficial as round-trip tickets.

All airlines sell tickets online. It is convenient for the buyer to check all the information of interest on-line, such as flight schedules, booking and redemption of the necessary tickets, and all this without leaving his own apartment.

Basically, low-cost airlines specialize in specific countries or regions. When looking for flights, first of all, pay attention to local airlines. If, for example, you need to get from Berlin to Oslo, you can compare two airlines: the German Air Berlin and the Norwegian Norwegian Air. In order not to have to check a large number of air carriers, just use the websites Skyscanner, Flycheapo, Kayak, Flycheapo, Momondo.

There are some important nuances of buying cheap air tickets in Europe.

Budget flights, in most cases, do not accept or exchange tickets.

Many companies work only through the Internet. In view of this, if any questions arise, you will have to correspond with the airline employees for a long time, in the end, without deciding anything.

Reduced passenger boarding times, even a 10-minute delay can already become critical, even if you checked in for a flight.

Significant baggage restrictions.

They can suddenly cancel a flight, and no one will look for other flights for you.

Since low-cost airlines want to make the cost of a ticket lower, they will try to make money on each additional service. Food and drinks will be for money, check-in at the airport is also paid, and baggage check-in fees are also due.

The fare shown on the website may not be exactly the same – as soon as you start buying a ticket online, get ready to see the amount more than the original one. Ryanair, one of the largest low-cost airlines that is popular for its low fares, is also known for its passenger surcharges. For example, for checking in a small bag, you will have to pay an additional 16 euros, and a large luggage will cost about 140 euros. Plus, there is a surcharge of about 24 euros for each kilogram over 20 kg.

Keep in mind that most low-cost airlines work with small airports and inconveniently located. And in order to get into the city, you need to go by bus or train. But, even taking into account the cost of a train ride, the total fare will still be low.

For example, the English airport Ryanair – Stansted Airport, one of the most remote from the center of London. A Ryanair flight to Frankfurt will in practice take you to Hahn, a city located 75 km from Frankfurt.

As a result, to get to your destination, you will have to spend time and money on another transport.

But still, using low-cost airlines, you will save a lot, especially if you are traveling “light”!

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