Transitioning to gray hair: a pro colorist explains how

Turning gray is one of life’s inevitabilities, which leads to two choices: dye your roots or start transitioning to gray hair. And while gray-phobia was historically part of our cultural psyche, the tide has now turned and so many stylish women are showing how glam growing in grays can be.

“More and more celebrities are embracing or showing their gray hair color – from Andie MacDowell to Tia Mowry,” says Wella Professionals Color Trend Expert Zoë Irwin. “Erin O’Connor went through a stage growing out her gray hair, this is something I call statement gray. One of the UK poster girls for gray hair is Vogue’s Sarah Harris, who has been going gray since she was 20. In both an obvious and subliminal way this will permeate through culture and inform what is ‘normal.'”

Perhaps you’ve recently started going gray and want to welcome this new era in the most flattering way possible. Or perhaps you have been using at-home hair dye or home highlight kits to cover your gray for years and are ready for something new. Either way, this expert guide reveals everything you need to know about transitioning to gray hair smoothly and seamlessly.

Three celebrities with gray hair, Tia Mowry, Sarah Harris and Erin O'Connor

Sarah Harris, Tia Mowry and Erin O’Connor

(Image credit: Future/Getty images)

Transitioning to gray hair: what you need to know

How to start transitioning to gray hair

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