Tips for dealing with insomnia

Sleep is an indispensable part of our life, without which it is impossible to imagine a normal existence. During this period, the body rests, gaining energy and strength for the next day. The normal duration of sleep for an adult is at least 7-8 hours (this time is quite enough).


Until recently, only the elderly suffered from insomnia. Today, this problem is getting younger and covers even young people under the age of thirty. At the same time, women suffer from insomnia much more often than the representatives of the stronger sex. Let’s look at the causes of this phenomenon, and how to defeat insomnia.

Main reasons

A number of factors can lead to sleep disorders. Often problems arise due to mental illness (depression, stress or neurosis). In such situations, folk remedies alone can no longer be saved – supervision by an experienced specialist is necessary. Another reason is mental fatigue, which can be recognized by the appearance of general weakness and frequent fatigue.

Insomnia is a common problem for people who change their place of residence and move to a different time zone. It is difficult for the body to adjust to new hours of sleep – so it does not begin to give serious disruptions. A big problem for women is hormonal disorders in the body (especially with menopause). Here an integrated approach is needed. You can be treated with folk remedies, but it is necessary to be observed by a specialist.

Often insomnia occurs after watching a TV story (even a positive one). The brain is so excited that for several hours it is under the influence of new emotions. This condition is often one-time, but can develop into insomnia. This is one of the simplest options for insomnia – you can and should fight it with folk remedies.

Negative factors that affect sleep include numerous bad habits – drinking alcohol, smoking, drug abuse, drinking coffee (sometimes green tea), overloading the stomach with food. These and many other factors can excite the nervous system and exclude the possibility of normal falling asleep.

People’s experience

But don’t worry. If the problem does not have a deep character and is not associated with serious psychological disorders, then it can be solved by folk remedies. There are several main options here:

  1. Grass to help. If you like the smell of a plant, then collect its inflorescences and place it in a small pillow bag. Before going to bed, put it near you or a heat source (near the battery). Fragrant, well-known and pleasant aromas will help to relax and take a dream.
  2. Honey. Another option that has excellent performance. Take one tablespoon of Borjomi and any honey, as well as a little lemon juice (half a tablespoon is enough). Now mix it all in one container and take it daily for 25-30 days.
  3. Foot bath. There are times when you just can’t relax. In such a situation, you can cope with folk remedies. Somewhere 30-40 minutes before going to bed, take a foot bath. At the same time, open the window in the bedroom to start oxygen. Add a little soda or chamomile decoction to the water. The latter must be done separately. To do this, pour 50-70 grams of herbs with boiling water (you can buy it at a pharmacy), let it brew for 3-4 hours, filter it and add it to your bath.
  4. Fir oil is another good sleeping pill. It is often used for serious sleep disorders. With insomnia, you can rub your feet and lower leg with oil, put on socks on top.

Remember that folk remedies can completely get rid of sleep problems. The main thing is to choose the option that is right for you.

General recommendations

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are more ways to beat insomnia. The tips are given below:

  1. If music calms you down, listen to it before bed. The best option is the classics (for example, Mozart). Some are saved by some monotonous hum – the noise of a fan propeller. The main thing is that it should not be too loud and annoying. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sleep.
  2. Walking in the evening before going to bed is a great way to cope with the disease. If it’s hard to force yourself, get a dog. In this case, the obligation to the “smaller brother” will drive you out into the street.
  3. The last meal should be no later than seven hours. After eating a lot at night, you may not fall asleep. On the other hand, an empty stomach will not let you sleep well. The best option is to drink a little kefir or yogurt before going to bed.
  4. A routine is a big deal for sleep. If you go to bed and wake up at the same time, then problems with rest will disappear by themselves.
  5. Get in the habit of having sex before bed – it’s the best sleeping pill. In this case, the body receives a powerful discharge, and more substances responsible for sleep appear in the blood.
  6. Do not think about insomnia – switch to good and pleasant memories or “turn off” thoughts altogether. As a rule, active brain activity just becomes the cause of problems.


Remember that insomnia must be fought. Otherwise, you can get more serious problems. You can go to the doctor, try to get rid of the problem with folk remedies, or simply adjust to the characteristics of your body. The main thing is to do everything possible to normalize sleep and enter a normal rhythm of life.

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