Soft glam makeup and how to achieve it—by pro makeup artists

Few beauty descriptors are as evocative as soft glam makeup. This popular beauty look is—just as it sounds—glamorous but quietly so. A bit more than no-makeup-makeup, a lot less than all-out glam, soft glam is that easy, polished look most of us are aiming for on a special evening or day out.

”Soft glam is that lovely hybrid look, it enhances and brings out the features but in a balanced way,” explains celebrity makeup artist and founder of Skin in Motion, Gia Mills. ”It’s something you can wear at the office then on to a relaxed evening out. You can tell that there is makeup on and it gently pops the eyes, lips, or cheeks but not in a super powerful way. Essentially it is a chic ‘done’ look.”

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