Salicylic acid explained: benefits, uses, how to include it

Salicylic acid has been around for a while in skincare. And if you’re not already familiar with this hero ingredient, it’s absolutely worth getting to know. This beta-hydroxy acid is widely known as one of the most effective ways to clear up congestion and blemishes. Plus, it can do so much more besides.

If you are looking to include a skincare acid in your skincare routine then salicylic could be the one. It belongs to a family of acids called beta-hydroxy-acids (BHA) that, along with learning how to use retinol, can significantly improve breakouts. “Salicylic acid is BHA with multiple benefits. It unclogs pores, increases cell turnover, exfoliates skin and has anti-bacterial effects – all of which makes it a popular and effective acne ingredient,” explains dermatologist and medical director of Eudelo (opens in new tab)Dr Stefanie Williams.

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