Rosehip oil for face—benefits of Kate’s top ingredient skin

Rosehip oil for face isn’t a fad or a buzzy new ingredient that everyone has suddenly gone crazy for, people have been using rosehip oil on their skin for centuries. And its longevity—not to mention the fact that The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly a fan—stands as proof of how good a skincare ingredient it is.

Research has shown rosehip oil reduces the effects of aging and dermatologists everywhere recommend it for all kinds of benefits within a skincare routine. “Rosehip oil really is like the everyman of skincare ingredients,” says Rebecca Hopkins, co-founder of skincare brand, Balance Me. “It can be tolerated by lots of skin types, is a true multi-tasker and I think that’s why it’s always been so popular and continues to be so.”

Clearly, the experts are all for using rosehip oil on the face, and Kate Middleton’s rosehip oil routine is said to involve dabbing her complexion with the ingredient daily. If you’re not already a fan of rosehip oil—and you’re probably questioning why you’re not—we’ve consulted the experts to reveal everything you need to know about this ingredient and how to incorporate it into your routine immediately.

The Duchess of Cambridge pictured on the street in a blue jumper with glowing skin and a blow dry

The Duchess of Cambridge is said to use rosehip oil to boost her enviable complexion

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Rosehip oil for face: your expert guide

What is rosehip oil?

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