Retinol vs Vitamin C—benefit differences & how to use each

If you’re weighing up the benefits of retinol vs vitamin C, it’s likely you’re looking to address wrinkles, pigmentation, skin dullness, or acne. It’s also likely you’ve heard whisperings that these are the two hottest active ingredients in modern skincare. Guess what? It’s all true.

Both ingredients are found in a variety of beauty products, usually creams or serums, and are both vitamin-based. Retinol is derived from vitamin A and is used topically, as is vitamin C, but once applied they get to work in different ways. While the best vitamin C serums tend to focus on collagen synthesis, skin tone and clarity to shift pigmentation, the best retinol creams speed up cell turnover so can prove helpful in learning how to get rid of acne, softening lines, and for general textural improvements .

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