Pearl jewelry for every day

Pearls have long been one of the most sought after gemstones. Who can choose this decoration? Girls can safely purchase this jewel as it is versatile, gorgeous, elegant and sophisticated.

pearl jewelry

The beads that have grown inside the shells have a certain charm, charm, thanks to which their popularity has not decreased for many centuries. How to wear pearls? What clothes go with the gem? So, stylish girls are ready to choose a new original look.

Choosing the right color

The choice of shade is purely a matter of personal preference for each person, but if you want the purchased jewelry to really suit you, be sure to take into account the skin tone.

It is necessary to choose the right shade as follows: for olive and dark skin, it is recommended to choose pearls of a peach and golden hue, but pink gems look advantageous on girls with fair skin.

For those who buy pearls for the first time, experts advise choosing white. It has long become a classic, not subject to change in the world of modern fashion. It is very easy to look elegant with it, as shown in the photo. These beads will be the perfect complement to any look.

If you are ready to experiment with pearls of different shades, you should follow the professional recommendation – when buying jewelry, you can make sure that it matches your clothes or eyes. Now gray pearls have come into fashion, which can be worn even to work. Beads of this type will ideally dilute the severity of the image. Also, the gray version looks amazing paired with a white or black tint, so don’t be afraid to be original.

How can you wear beads in everyday life?

Various pearl jewelry can add charm to every style. For example, with everyday clothes, pearl beads look very elegant and relevant. It is not necessary to wear classic jewelry made of beads of the same color and shape. Models made of shapeless pearls look great, as well as a combination of thin strands of beads of different shades.

Pearls should not be abused. Putting on beads, earrings and bracelets at once, you run the risk of looking not unique, but funny. Jewelery doesn’t have to be more noticeable than you.

How can you wear pearl beads at work?

In many situations, pearls in the office are much preferable to other gemstones, as they look attractive and modest enough.

To work correctly, choose simple models. Beads will make your look elegant, but you should use only one strand of beads. The necklace you prefer to wear at work should end slightly above where the neckline begins. Short beads look perfect with a business suit, as well as a corporate dress. Properly chosen stud earrings look perfect when you collect hair in a hairstyle.

Pay attention to the photo, which shows different options for the image for the office. Pearl bracelets and very long necklaces don’t look right in the office, as they attract too much attention.

When choosing stylish jewelry for work, remember that for colleagues, clients and, of course, the boss, what you do should be more noticeable than what you decide to wear. In everything, taste and measure should be felt, which always look amazing.

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