No7 launches game-changing skin analysis tool

No7 has launched a game-changing skincare device to provide Boots shoppers with the ultimate in-store advice when it comes to their complexions.

The brand new Pro Derm Scan is a totally free skincare diagnostic service that allows customers to have access to a dermatologist-grade device during a trip to Boots, with the clever scanner analyzing everything from skin texture and tone to pores, wrinkles and hydration levels.

Using its hydration sensor, 30x magnifying lens and multispectral-lighting, the hand-held gadget’s professional-level skin analysis, combined with the expertise of No7 Beauty Advisors, will help everyone from skincare obsessives to skin treatment newbies to pin down their perfect complexion regimen .

No7 Pro Derm Scan

(Image credit: Boots/No7)

The super intelligent, in-store tech, available nationwide, recreates the controlled setting of a scientific laboratory to analyze skin, providing highly accurate images and measurement that allow for the best skincare decisions to be made.

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