Minimalism – modern trends in nail aesthetics

Today, nail care is not only about the beautiful color, but also about the skin of the hands, about the beautiful shape and condition of the nails. Nail design is developing dynamically, and companies are introducing more and more products, thanks to which you can make really beautiful and diverse manicure options.

minimalist manicure

Beauty salons are dominated by colorful designs that can be further embellished with rhinestones or hand-painted embellishments. But what if the client asks for simple-looking nails? The nail art community has some tips for minimalist manicures.

What is a minimalist manicure

Despite the thousands of colors, many women go for the classics, they want something quick and easy, but it doesn’t have to be boring. The most important stage of work is the choice of design at the request of the client. You can do a classic manicure, hybrid manicure or gel or acrylic styling. If the client has natural short nails, light extensions can be offered. With this method, you can not only lengthen the nails, but also make visually slender fingers and hands with the help of a job well done. However, if the plate is beautiful, well-groomed and does not require extensions, you can use a hybrid manicure that will last on the nails for about three weeks.

colorful base

Today, many companies offer colorful hybrid bases. Soft pink to brown. Thanks to this solution, you can use, for example, a quick manicure that will improve the natural color of the nails. All you need to do is properly prepare the nail plate, apply the base and make it shine with the top coat. There are also colored gels, thanks to which you can cover, use only the gel itself and finish with a top.

one color

This is the most commonly chosen type of manicure. However, it is not necessary to focus only on delicate, boring colors here. Girls often go for bolder colors like red or pink. Red never goes out of style and goes with almost any occasion or outfit. What girl doesn’t love pink? You can also choose a color, for example, depending on the season. In summer, neon, bold and eye-catching colors are more often chosen. In autumn and winter, popular colors are shades of burgundy, navy blue, green or deep purple.

Minimal decor trends

Dots and dashes

You can make a point on the cuticle with a probe or draw a line along the nails with a brush with long bristles, and the manicure will become interesting.

Transfer foil

The color range of the transfer film is very diverse, you can choose both a regular color and with a pattern and prints on the nails. For example, a ring and a thumb. This design is fast, minimalistic, but it looks very interesting.


Shimmering like a diamond, they will look great. You can use one element or several.

negative space

This is an unpainted area of ​​​​the nail, as an option, a crescent near the cuticle or a gap in the center of the nail.

Stepping through

In order for the manicure to remain on the nails for a long time, you need to carefully prepare the nail plate.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean and disinfect hands.

Step 2

Remove the cuticle from the nail plate. This must be done very carefully to push back the epidermis attached to the plate.

Step 3

Depending on the knowledge and skills, you can make a combined manicure using various cutters and a milling machine. If not, use wire cutters. You also need to clean the cuticles of the corns.

Remember, you need to work with the cuticle very carefully so as not to damage the cuticle or the nail matrix.

Step 4

We matte the nail plate and prepare it with a cleaner and primer. After waiting for the time recommended by the manufacturer, we apply the base.

Step 5

When the base has already hardened, apply the product, depending on the chosen method of performing a manicure. At this stage, you can put a template and build up nails or apply a second layer of a hybrid base, which can be used to align the nail plate and even build it up.

Step 6

We apply the color depending on the coating, usually in two or three layers. Each of them is hardened according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 7

Apply top. Pay attention to the free edge of the nail, because it must be well fixed in order for the manicure to hold securely. The top should harden.

Step 8

After applying the top, apply oil on the cuticles, cream on the hands and the manicure is ready. Before applying the oil, you can wait a bit so that the top does not fade.
Be mindful of the skin on your hands. Even the best manicure will look bad if the cuticles dry. Don’t forget cuticle oils and moisturizers.

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