Medium haircuts with bangs: Inspiring looks and styling tips

Medium haircuts with bangs are trending – and we can totally see why. This in-between length is low-maintenance, easy to style and, when paired with bangs, looks ultra-chic and classy.

Medium haircuts are a perennial favorite of pro stylists, too. “It’s a very versatile style that doesn’t demand the health-longevity of longer hair which can look tired if not well kept,” says Michael Van Clarke (opens in new tab), renowned London hairdresser. “Plus, it’s free to move and swing if it sits above the shoulder so can look more animated and vibrant.” As with most cuts (from short bob hairstyles to long hairstyles), there are several different medium haircuts with bangs to choose from. You can opt for full, blunt bangs or you can ease your way into fringe territory with side bangs instead.

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