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The article will tell women about eyebrow care. Most do not even realize that such an important part of the face as eyebrows needs special attention. Everyone is accustomed to taking care mainly of the skin of the face, this is certainly necessary. But eyebrows, why are they worse than a face?

Improve the condition of the eyebrows

Nature has awarded some ladies with beautiful thick eyebrows that immediately catch the eye, but not everyone can boast of such a natural “reward”. And in this case, lovely women resort to various tricks, for example, they paint on this part of the face with a pencil or with the help of a modern method – tattooing correct the shape. Consider two options for natural care and tattooing.

Recommendations for women with natural eyebrows

Eyebrow care includes several procedures:

  • combing;
  • correction;
  • massage;
  • masks and compresses.

Proper care will help to keep the shape and color for a long time.

Do not be lazy every day, it is advisable to comb at night with a brush or even a toothbrush using an eyebrow care product. You can get acquainted with the technique of combing and applying the product from the video.

Thick eyebrows need weekly correction. You can, like yourself at home, pull out extra hairs with tweezers or turn to the services of a master. The first way will be much cheaper. But again, it’s up to you. Do not forget before carrying out the plucking procedure at home, be sure to wipe the skin and tweezers with a disinfectant. Watch the video for the entire adjustment procedure.

It is desirable, but not necessary, to massage at least 2 times a month with an eyebrow care product. It aims to enhance hair growth. These products include special oils (castor and olive). Read reviews of these products.

Home Care Recipes

  • warm the vegetable oil for a few minutes on fire, moisten 2 cotton swabs and put on the eyebrows, put a warm cloth on top. Relax and lie down for 25 minutes, then rinse with water. This compress will strengthen and enhance hair growth.
  • heat the milk, put the figs and boil a little. Take a double gauze, put the figs, twist the bundles to the shape of your eyebrows and leave them for an hour. For greater effect, place a warm cloth on top. After the specified time, wash off the mask.
  • After removing make-up, apply a small amount of castor oil to the brush and sweep over the eyelashes. This helps to restore the natural color of the eyelashes. To avoid eye irritation, oil should not get on the cornea of ​​​​the eye.
  • make 1 glass of carrot juice, add 1 drop of vitamin A to it. Soak 2 gauze in this mixture and put it on your eyebrows for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water.

Eyebrow and eyelash care is almost the same. You can use an eyebrow care product as an eyelash care product. Eyebrow care product can be bought at a pharmacy, specialized or online stores. Reviews of women will help you buy the care product you need.

Advice for women with a tattoo

All modern women know what a tattoo is. There is no need to talk about the procedure itself. On the video you can see 2 tattoo techniques. It is important to take care of your eyebrows after a tattoo. Be sure to follow the simple rules after the procedure:

  • remember the sun is your enemy, in the first 2 weeks after tattooing. Beware of dangerous sunlight from 11 am to 4 pm. You can pre-purchase a hat or wide glasses that partially cover the eyebrows.
  • forget about the bath and solarium until the skin is completely restored.
  • it is better not to use a scrub while there are crusts on the eyebrows.
  • in no case after the tattoo, do not tear off the crusts.
  • Do not apply masks, creams and oils after tattooing.
  • you can apply a special agent that will prevent inflammation. In the video, cosmetologists talk about ointments in more detail.
  • The main concern is hydration. Reviews will help you choose the right tools.
  • when washing, do not wipe your face with a towel, lightly blot the area near the eyebrows.

Read the reviews of women who have carried out a similar procedure.

Advice! If you decide on a tattoo procedure, remember that only a specialist with extensive experience will help make your dreams come true. It is the master who will tell you about the care of the tattoo.

Tattooing can not only correct the shape, but also give a natural color to light shades of eyebrows.

In the presented video, professional masters show all the technology of tattooing.

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