How to use henna as hair dye

Since ancient times, women of the East and Africa have known the secret of how to make their hair shiny, healthy, gorgeous and dye it in a chic reddish-copper color.

henna for hair coloring

In order to achieve all this, you need to use a natural hair dye called henna.

How to make henna dye

Henna hair coloring improves hair growth, restores its structure, reverses the aging process of hair and the appearance of gray hair, helps get rid of dandruff and problems with the scalp. Also, henna for hair makes them smooth, shiny and very soft to the touch. There are certain tips that will help you when using this paint:

  • it should be used only on clean and slightly wet strands;
  • before staining, spread cream on those parts of the body that paint may accidentally get on;
  • it is necessary to distribute the hair into small strands so that it is better colored;
  • be sure to wear gloves so as not to get your hands dirty;
  • it is better to apply it with your hands and gradually lubricate the entire head strand by strand.

Henna for hair must be mixed with lemon juice to make the color darker and last longer. If it is simply mixed with water, then as a result the color of the hair will turn out to be an ugly orange or dull color.

Also, instead of lemon, you can use any acidic liquid – citrus fruit juice or acetic acid. As a result, the coloring consistency should be in the form of liquid sour cream or yogurt.

Before using it, you need to do a trial staining to find out if you like the resulting color of the curls: apply a little dye to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bcurls that is invisible to strangers, put a plastic cap on your head and wash it off after 3 hours.

Only after a couple of days you can evaluate the result, since it is during this time that the desired color appears on the hair. If you like the preliminary result, then you can start painting the strands.

Henna can be used only after it has stood in a tightly closed container for 8-10 hours in a warm room. To make the dye ready in a couple of hours, you can put the mixture in a warmer place. There are certain nuances that you need to know before using this dye:

  • henna has the same coloring properties as any other paint – it will not wash off from frequent shampooing;
  • 2-3 days after staining, the color of the curls will become darker;
  • if you need a darker color of hair, then the next day you can do the same staining procedure;
  • if the color is right, then next time you can dye the hair only at the base;
  • henna can be used even on curls that were previously painted with traditional paints.

How to apply henna

Before you dilute the paint, you need to know how much it will be needed for your hair: for short ones – one hundred grams, for medium ones – two hundred or three hundred grams, for long ones – half a kilogram. To give your hair a more shiny and silky look, you can add any of the oils to the mixture – burdock, almond, peach or castor. In order for an exquisite smell to come from the curls after dyeing the hair with henna, you can add ginger powder with cardamom to the dye mixture.

It is best to spread with your hands or a comb, evenly distributing it over the entire hairline. After all the hair has been thoroughly dyed, you should wrap your head with a plastic bag. In order to get a light color, you need to wash off the henna after half an hour, if you want a darker color, wash it off after an hour.

After that, wash off the henna in your usual way, dry and style.

invisible henna

In addition to coloring henna, there is also colorless henna for hair, which is extracted from the same plant as colored and is also of natural origin. Colorless paint in its healing properties is very similar to traditional henna – it gives a beautiful and healthy look to the hairline, restores the root system of the hairline, nourishes and heals it. In addition, colorless henna for hair coats each hair and protects from ultraviolet radiation, hot temperatures and chemical hair fixatives.

This paint is used in almost the same way as ordinary henna, the only difference is that colorless paint should be diluted in ordinary hot water in a proportion of about one hundred grams of powder per three hundred milliliters of water. If you are using this dye for the first time, then you need to keep it on your hair for no more than half an hour, and all subsequent times you can gradually increase the time spent on your hair.

To improve the hairline, next time you can leave the dye for an hour and a half, and if there is no such task, but you just want to make the curls silky and beautiful, then hold the henna for only half an hour. To make all the beneficial properties even more active, you can add fermented milk products, any vegetable oil, yolk, citrus fruit juice, bee products and herbal decoctions to the paint. In this case, you get a kind of energy and healing mask.

Features of colorless henna

  • prepared paint cannot be stored;
  • you can apply the dye only on clean and slightly wet hair;
  • to enhance the effect of the paint, it is imperative to wrap your head;
  • to wash off colorless henna, it is better to use water without detergents;
  • on hair prone to dryness, this paint should be applied no more than once a month;
  • to produce a staining procedure to achieve a therapeutic effect must be done constantly;
  • on light curls, you need to keep this dye for no more than two hours to avoid getting an ugly color.

All types of henna – traditional and colorless – have amazing properties to restore hairline, prevent hair loss and dandruff, give curls a soft, shiny and healthy look. The price of henna looks very tempting, especially in comparison with chemical paints and, of course, its healing properties cannot be compared with anything.

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