How to replace alcohol if life without it is too nervous

The reasons for drinking alcohol can be different – these are both social, because it is accepted in society, and gastronomic, because beer with chips is very tasty.

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A lot has been said about the dangers of alcohol, let’s talk about how to replace it?

Often I hear that alcohol is needed for relaxation, that if you don’t drink, then how to relax?

Alcohol suppresses feelings of anxiety, but that does not mean that it does not remain. Anxiety can be conscious or unconscious. Living in constant tension and fear is very difficult, and therefore people often replace the term “drink” with “relax”.

What is the physiological level of anxiety and stress

Stress is a tense state and we got this thing since we ran from saber-toothed tigers, and although we don’t need it now, we haven’t stopped straining.

The autonomic nervous system is responsible for this, it is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic departments. Sympathetic – is responsible for the mobilization of our forces in case of danger: the pulse quickens, the pupils constrict, adrenaline is released with a shock dose. Parasympathetic is the antagonist of the sympathetic division. When it is activated, the pupils dilate, causing drowsiness. It is clear that these departments cannot be active at the same time, because it is impossible to constrict and expand the pupils at the same time. So, there is no anxiety without activation of the sympathetic department. And as soon as we activate the parasympathetic nervous system, it automatically starts to slow down the sympathetic one, calmness sets in, relaxation and anxiety go away with stress.

Alcohol is the strongest psychotropic, which at first seems to invigorate a person, and then the person is cut off if he hasn’t done things drunk. As I said, alcohol can remove anxiety for a short period of time.

And so the man decided to stop drinking, but he does not know how to relax.

Are there ways to relax?

And how will information on the work of the autonomic nervous system help us? The answer is simple and proven in practice.

To do this, we take headphones, charge energetic music and splash out all the negativity in dumbbells and barbells!

No matter how crazy it sounds, but in order to work out at the limit, you have to really strain. First, we will force the sympathetic nervous system to fully tighten, and then automatically it will give way to the parasympathetic to relax. The sympathetic department will work to the limit and to the maximum, but no less important, after proper training, the internal muscle tension that always accompanies anxiety and stress will simply go away and the body will relax. You will so shake the body that there will be no strength left for tension. Automatically, the nervous tension will go away along with the muscular and the parasympathetic department will take over its activity. The result is very similar to the effect of alcohol, when you come home, you really pass out.

Are there any subtleties, you ask?

Yes, first give time to develop a reflex.

Think back to your first experience with alcohol. It was bad in the morning and you said that you would never drink again, but over time you got used to it. It’s the same with training, give yourself time to get used to the fact that when you lose your nerves, you don’t run to the store for a bottle of beer, but go to the gym and throw pancakes out of anger.

Again, give yourself time to develop the habit. Any action that has become a habit ceases to strain.

Secondly, be sure to rest and recover. Recovery and sleep is the realm of the parasympathetic department.

Thirdly, always remember that alcoholism is not only a disease, it is a way of life, like what I offer you. Don’t try to stop drinking for a couple of months, it won’t work. Change your lifestyle, then it will work, and as a reward you will kill two birds with one stone and get rid of stress, and make yourself look better.

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