How to dry nail polish fast when you’re in a hurry

If you’re wondering how to dry nail polish fast then you’ve probably experienced one or more of the following: Denting ostensibly touch-dry nails on your house keys while rummaging in a bag. Smudging polish on your sleeve while dressing, thus ruining your manicure and your jumper. Making yourself late for a night out because you decided on a last-minute mani and had to sit painfully still instead of catching the train.

The list could go on—because chances are, if you know how to paint your nails then at some point you will have messed up a paint job because it wasn’t quite dry yet. Of course, one solution is learning how to do gel nails at home or visiting a salon to choose between gel or acrylic manicures, both of which harden instantly on the nail so don’t require drying time like traditional polish. However both techniques are tricky to master and even trickier to remove, so there’s something to be said for the DIY simplicity and easy-come-easy-go nature of traditional polish.

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