How to do a home pedicure step by step for salon results

Perfecting your home pedicure means you can keep your feet baby-soft all year round. No last-minute sandal fear here! Even at the best of times, feet are hardly the most glamorous of body parts—but after months hidden away in socks and boots, it’s fair to say now’s the time for a bit of tootsie TLC.

Before you start to think about fun pedicure ideas, doing the slightly less glamorous aspects of home pedicure prep will ensure your feet as a whole look presentable. Hard cracked skin, raggedy cuticles, and overgrown nails with the remnants of last year’s paint job are all dead giveaways that your feet are more than a little attention-starved. But with some pampering and a selection of great tools you can get salon-caliber nails at home with one eye on Netflix.

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