How to combine family and career: 7 steps

It is difficult for everyone to combine family and career. Both are important to us, and our family and career require our time, which is why sometimes we have to put some of them on the back burner.

When you work from home, it’s not always a good thing, either for you or for your colleagues in the office. When it comes to creating a healthy work-life balance, we often face a whole set of challenges. We need to be proactive and take action to address these challenges. Here are seven ways to help you achieve professional and personal balance.

  1. Create some basic rules and follow them

    Drawing some lines and boundaries around work is essential to creating a sense of balance for all family members. To combine your family and career, create basic work rules that can help you create realistic expectations about what you can and can’t do during the workday.
    Those who work from home also need to set some guidelines for themselves to make sure that you don’t work too little or too much, and don’t get distracted.
    It’s not always the other people in our lives who can distract us; sometimes distractions come in the form of housework, television, or social media. Identify what usually distracts you, and set yourself a daily goal to get rid of these distractions.

  2. Assign goals

    Whatever goals you choose-avoid distractions, follow the basic rules, grow your business, spend more time with your family, or move up the career ladder or become a good employee.
    The only way to achieve this is to work hard and put these goals at the forefront of your daily life. This will help you break down your goals into a series of smaller goals. Whether it’s short – term, medium-term, or long-term, make sure that the goal is based on a solid foundation of your values.
    Start with your overall vision and work backwards until you determine what your daily goals should be to achieve your main goal. Check and periodically evaluate your progress.

  3. Stay organized

    Create a schedule to combine family and career, it will help you organize yourself both at home and at work. It may include:

    • career-related tasks (for example, tracking tax records or improving your time management);
    • family-related tasks (for example, setting up a communication system with your children’s school or creating a family calendar to track each family member’s activity).

    It takes effort to think through and implement different ways to organize your life. Take the time to do this, but don’t let yourself get tired – find something that works for you.
    The most difficult thing is to stick to the new system. If you want to combine career and family, don’t wait until you completely fall off the organizational wagon. Make monthly reviews of your organization, choose the day of the month (1st, 15th, last date, etc.), and review your to-do list, files, or stack of papers on your desk. If things don’t go as planned, get back on track (with the help of your family) and decide to do better.

  4. Embrace the change

    When you try to successfully combine your career and family, you will clearly notice that the effectiveness of your organization and routine systems will change over time. Children grow up, acquire new skills and needs. It is easy for parents to continue completing tasks that the child should already be doing, because it is faster to do it themselves. As parents, we need to be aware of when our children can take on more responsibilities and privileges, and when we need to raise our expectations.
    Our professional life is also changing. Work and home business will not be the same from year to year. Professionally, we need to be flexible, look for new opportunities, or smooth out career transitions. When you work from home, these two kinds of changes in your life can be intertwined, and it depends on how well you accept and plan for the inevitable changes.

  5. Work in the right amount

    Unfortunately ,the” right ” amount is not necessarily the amount you want to work; it is the amount of work that gives you the opportunity to effectively combine your family and career and provides you with the necessary financial, professional and personal balance. Sometimes it can be difficult to calculate the exact amount.
    If you are an employee, it is easy to become an employee who is available 24/7 because you work from home, or, on the other hand, a slacker who is never around when needed.
    Similarly, independent contractors and business owners who don’t have a set schedule may find that they’ve lit a candle at both ends and are working late into the night to keep the revenue stream flowing. Another danger is that personal commitments do not allow them to grow the business. Keep your life and professional goals in mind when setting up your work schedule.
    To properly combine your career and family, find ways to work smarter, either by intelligently completing multiple tasks at the same time, or by looking for more effective earning opportunities.

  6. Stay connected and keep learning

    Do not let your work at home lose touch with new professional developments or interfere with communication with colleagues. A little extra effort is required on the part of the remote worker, but it is even more important that the worker who is out of sight remains connected. In the office, casual conversations alert us to changes in our industry or company, and home employees may miss this if they don’t put in extra effort.

    Subscribe to professional magazines or make a habit of checking news and websites related to your profession. Attending seminars or conferences can be expensive, especially for the self-employed, but it’s worth it. Think about certification or degree programs in your field, join professional associations, social media sites, or web groups, and make it a habit to get in touch with former colleagues or clients from time to time with a quick note or call.

    But to combine family and career, networking is also important. Other parents at your child’s school can help you improve your communication with the school, as well as let you know about other events or opportunities that may be useful to you personally. Neighbors and Friends are a good source of information about social and community activities for you and your family.

  7. Take care of yourself

    When you want to combine your career and family, you may find that you don’t have time for yourself. You should make time for things that are important to your own mental and physical health. Exercise, creative efforts, meetings with friends, etc. are things that are often excluded from our daily routines because we are so busy with our family and work responsibilities.

    Make a bet on a daily routine that will allow you to save time, as an important goal. This can include a monthly spa day, daily exercises, a date with a partner, regular walks with friends, or time spent volunteering in your area. Figure out what you need and set aside some time.

    If you work from home, most likely the main reason for this is to spend more time with your family. Make sure that the time you spend is quality time, and you don’t often do multiple things at once to enjoy the people you love. Keep these seven rules in mind if you want to combine your family and career well.

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