How to choose a hairspray: top 5 tips

How to deal with unruly curls? How to fix a complex hairstyle for an evening out? How to give the roots volume when laying? For all these cases, you will need to buy hairspray on.But it is also important to know what criteria to choose it by. We have collected the most useful tips from professional hairdressers and share them!

Tip # 1: pay attention to the packaging

Buying any product starts with evaluating the packaging, doesn’t it? With varnish, the situation is the same, and not only the beautiful picture on the jar or its bright color is important here. Yes, this product will definitely decorate your bathroom, but you need to pay attention to other factors.The most important thing in the package is the spray gun. Some sprayers disperse the liquid very finely, and this is good for adding volume and eliminating greasiness. Others create smaller drops that will moisturize dry hair, but can create a bonding effect. Try to test the varnish before buying.

Tip # 2: Composition

You can also find out about the composition of the product by carefully studying the packaging. The basis of most of them, regardless of the price — is natural resins or synthetic analogues, polymers. The best polymers are Vinyl Neodecanoate Copolymer and Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer.In addition to synthetic chemicals and plasticizers, the composition is usually supplemented with caring ingredients: vitamins, softening panthenol or glycerin, natural plant extracts, etc. For dry hair, choose lacquers with minimal or no alcohol content.

Tip # 3: the degree of fixation

Of course, it is also important what effect you expect from the hairspray. There are different goals, different hairstyles and, accordingly, different types of fixing styling products.

  1. Easy. These options are suitable for daily use and the simplest possible styling. With their help, you can emphasize the relief of curls or give shine to short haircuts. For long, heavy and thick hair, light fixation will be useless.

  2. Average. Also well suited for use every day or when creating a hairstyle after washing your hair. But with the subsequent washing, you will need to wash the curls more thoroughly than after a light fixation. Well emphasizes voluminous curls and helps to create a fleece at the roots.

  3. Strong. It is suitable for infrequent use, as it contains the largest amount of polymers for super-strong fixation. Well fix complex evening hairstyles and styling. Suitable for creating relief curls on straight hair. Requires thorough rinsing with water when washing.

Tip # 4: Hair type

Of course, in addition to the case for which you buy a nail polish, and the desired effect, the type of your curls is also important. So:

  • thin and weak hair needs a varnish of the easiest fixation and weightless texture, which will not weigh down the curls;

  • oily hair will need a hairspray for volume with the smallest spray;

  • for curly curls, a varnish with a minimum water content in the composition is suitable, which will protect them from moisture and will not allow them to curl;

  • dry and over-dried hair after coloring needs a varnish with moisturizing components;

  • thick and unruly hair will be able to “pacify” the varnish with medium or strong fixation.;

  • for colored curls, choose products with components to protect the color.

Tip # 5: Other criteria

It is also important to pay attention to the smell of varnish. Due to the abundance of synthetic and even toxic chemicals, many styling products can smell unpleasant. Flavorings can also cause allergic reactions on the scalp or negatively affect the respiratory system and eye mucosa when sprayed.The season is also important: for summer, be sure to choose hairspray with UV filters that protect from the sun. For rainy days of the off-season, you can take products that will protect your hair from excessive moisture and prevent it from curling too much. In winter, special winter lines for care and styling, and with moisturizing components, are good.

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