How to banish dry skin on your legs, by a dermatologist

Got a dry skin on legs situation? We’ve been there. The sun comes out and suddenly it’s time to unearth your pins from the leggings, joggers, tights, or whatever you’ve been covering them up in—and that’s when you remember about the dry, ashy skin that’s been building up.

Great, another thing you have to incorporate into your ever-growing skincare routine. But never fear, with our expert advice, handy tips, and genius product suggestions you can get your legs spring-summer ready in no time. And whilst this is all about how to get your legs looking great during the warmer season, that’s not to say that this advice is for a few short months only, because dry skin on your legs happens all year round. If you want to get your skin feeling smooth, silky, and looking radiant then here’s what you need to know.

A dermatologist guide to dry skin on legs

What causes dry skin on our bodies?

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