Eyebrow lamination – 9 things to know before a brow perm

Eyebrow lamination sounds a bit odd (borderline scary) but actually it’s a gentle and useful treatment that can help you fake fuller-looking brows for months at a time. And while some may associate laminated brows with outrageously fluffy looks on the Instagram generation, this is fast becoming a favored beauty solution for grown-up women.

Why? Because eyebrow lamination is a subtle beauty tweak that saves you time and effort. Even if you didn’t succumb to the thin arch trend of the ’90s, your brow hairs may have become sparse over time. If that is the case, even the best eyebrow makeup or eyebrow tinting at home can feel like a constant effort. And a treatment that create a beautiful eyebrow shape without daily grooming could be a welcome relief.

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