Bangs hairstyles: 45 ideas to inspire a brand new look

There are as many bangs hairstyles out there as there are faces to frame. So if you’re thinking about changing your look in favor of a hairstyle with bangs, this comprehensive guide will help you find your ideal face-framing haircut.

The benefits of bangs are twofold: not only are they on-trend, therefore a great way to modernize your style, they’re also incredibly flattering. And while bangs hairstyles don’t necessarily have a reputation as being easy hairstyles, if you pick the right one it will give you an stylish look with minimal effort. “Getting a fringe is an instant style uplift and gives you that effortless look when done right,” says A-list stylist and Viviscal hair expert Adam Reed. “Slightly heavy, 70’s inspired fringes and the shaggy look have been at the front of hair trends for a good year now.”

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