6 makeup hacks from a No7 makeup artist for a fast daytime look

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Daytime makeup should be the easiest element of your beauty routine to get right—after all, most of us aim for an unfussy feel and we get to practice it every day. But just as fundamental cooking skills can often be the trickiest to pull off (poaching an egg, anyone?) sometimes a feasibly simple, natural makeup look can actually feel a lot more complicated than a bold statement one.

Luckily, we’re here to help. As with most things beauty-related, the best course of action to master this particular makeup skill is consulting the experts—and beauty pros don’t come more expert than No7 Makeup Ambassador Joy Adenuga. With over a decade of experience enhancing faces on the red carpet, glossy campaigns and television screens, what Joy doesn’t know about makeup isn’t worth knowing. And these are her top hacks for creating a fast, flawless daytime look. Learn these skills and you’ll be set for life

1. Start with skin prep

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