5 Keys to Gain Customer Trust and Loyalty

The business works on customers. No customers – no revenue. All entrepreneurs are looking for customers and an approach to them. So the question is: How to gain the client’s trust? You will learn more about this in our article.

The business works on customers. No customers – no revenue. All entrepreneurs are looking for customers and an approach to them. So the question is: How to gain the client’s trust? You will learn more about this in our article.
Today’s customers simply don’t trust sellers. Their skepticism is confirmed by Forrester’s research, which showed that 59% of B2B customers prefer to shop without the help of a salesperson.They believe that sellers only have their own position on what they need to sell today, which means they can’t make an objective recommendation.

In fact, many consumers decide not to make a purchase at all, because they are afraid of being forced to buy the wrong product or service.
Another recent study found that 48% of B2B buyers want a new solution, but are afraid to buy because they understand that this is a big risk.
If you want to build relationships with such customers and make more salesyou need to gain their trust.

5 important ways to gain the trust of a skeptical Client:


    The key to selling is identifying exactly what your customer needs and understanding that you can meet those needs. Don’t lie about features or benefits, and don’t promise what you can’t give.

    Clients can do their own research and expose you. Instead, be sincere and honest about any potential problems or shortcomings.

    By combining them yourself, your client will respect you for your honesty, and so you can gain the trust of your client.

    If these problems can be overcome, you can start working on a potential solution together. If this is not the case, at least you will be able to avoid wasting your time in the future.

    This will be beneficial in future business relationships when your prospective client has the necessary budget, authority, need, or time to purchase a product or service from you.


    The best way to gain the trust of a potential client is to keep your word.

    The final result is realized if your product or service satisfies what the potential customer is looking for, but you can start much earlier.

    Start with a promise to call or meet with the client at a specific time or place, and do it on time.

    Promise to send him additional materials the next morning, and keep your word. These are small gestures, but they show that you are serious about your promises, and will help build honest relationships and gain trust from the client.


    If you simply offer your client a standard set of products, it will be more difficult for them to trust you.

    After all, it’s a rant that you’ve met the needs of hundreds of other customers before him.

    In order to truly gain the client’s trust and build long-term relationships, you need to create a solution tailored specifically for them.

    When you start a conversation, listen to the client’s needs and make sure that you fully understand how they are doing before making a move on your own.

    With this information, you can develop a presentation that focuses on its unique problems and how you can solve them.

    If possible, discuss how your services can be customized to meet their needs. This helps to gain the customer’s trust and guarantees a good position for your product.


    You should avoid mentioning your competitors if at all possible, but sometimes you will need to talk about them.

    Your client can specifically cite them as an example. Avoid bad reviews about competitors, even if they are true.

    This will only make you look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

    Talk humbly about competition, and use your own company’s strengths to win over the customer, rather than negatively exploiting the weaknesses of a direct competitor.

    For example, you should say something like: “Company X does provide a full security suite, but we can offer some additional features, such as…”


    In order to truly gain the customer’s trust, you must be willing to walk away from the sale.

    This means that you should leave a potential customer, even if they are interested, but you know for sure that your product will not solve their problem.

    The value of sales isn’t worth as much as your reputation, which can spread by word of mouth.

    Instead, build an information network with other companies that serve certain customers better than you do.

    You can transfer these clients to other companies in your niche, and expect to receive referrals from them.

    You will help customers find their ideal solution and spread their business reputation.

Gaining the trust of skeptical customers is a difficult process, especially if you are starting a business with them. This information will help you through the sales process, overcoming many operational challenges.

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