33 inspiring ways to try French tip nails in 2022

What’s not to love about classic French tip nails? They’re sophisticated, go with everything and suit every occasion. However, if you fancy updating your go-to nail look, then stick with the concept of a French manicure but change it up just a touch. From fun colors to a flash of nail art and varying shapes, there are so many ways you can give French tip nails a 2022 shake-up.

“French manicures were huge in the ’80s and as with all great trends, they come back around again,” says celebrity nail artist, Robbie Tomkins. “But what’s great about French manicures right now is that you’ve got the Gen Z generation discovering it for the first time and wearing it with the traditional block pink base and block white tips. Whereas those that remember it from the first time around ( myself included!) are experimenting with newer ways.”

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