14 life hacks for getting a cheap flight ticket

The fastest mode of transport in our time is the plane. Just a few hours of comfortable air travel and you are at the appointed place, but the cost for such services significantly reduces the budget.

getting a cheap air ticket

My knowledge of how to buy a cheap air ticket is unique and I can provide you with an unlimited amount of information about buying a cheap air ticket myself. How to save on air travel by buying the cheapest ticket, you will learn from 14 ways that are important for those who want to travel, significantly saving their finances.

Book tickets in advance

Travelers with experience know that it is worth starting the search for a ticket well in advance of the start of the trip. The sale of air tickets before departure starts 330 days in advance, but in practice the maximum purchase period is 60 days.

Study the rules for the exchange and return, so that in an unforeseen situation you will know your advantages. The term for the return of an air ticket under Russian legislation, which is followed by domestic airlines, is no later than 24 hours before departure. Foreign air carriers practice non-refundable tickets, for them this is a common situation.

Choose profitable days

Look for airlines that have significant discounts from Tuesday to Thursday, but on other days and holidays, the cost of the air ticket increases dramatically.

Major air carriers maintain a stable pricing policy, that is, the cost of a ticket on any day is fixed.

Choose a good time

Tracking the time of buying a ticket can be compared to the work of stock exchanges. Its cost periodically changes every 15 minutes, it depends on the demand that is active during the day. The main thing! The best time to buy a ticket is in the morning, early or late in the evening.

Choose an advantageous date

If the time of departure and arrival does not play a significant role, you can sort through the date options for buying a ticket, minus or plus 3-5 days will save up to several hundred dollars.

Aviasales provides an assistant in finding prices – “Low Price Calendar”. Here you can get information on the availability of a ticket for the desired direction by controlling the search scale and select an inexpensive offer.

Choose Sunday date

The Sunday Rule, which states that the passenger must spend the night at the place of arrival from Saturday to Sunday, was adopted in America. It subdivides two categories of passenger flow – business (business employees flying home on weekends), and personal (not mandatory for tourists).

This applies to individual tariffs and allows you to save significantly.

An important role in choosing the season

The busiest air travel schedule to Turkey falls on the summer season during the beach opening period, and New Year and Christmas fall on Europe. When planning a tour, keep in mind the high price of tickets during these seasons.

Traveling individually during the calm season, you can choose very cheap tickets, but before you buy, get full information about the country and its weather conditions.

In the season when there are many sunny days and little rain – from November to February, the cheapest air flight to Thailand with 2 transfers costs 21,959 rubles, and in the summer season of hot sun and high humidity with 1 transfer from March to May, 19159 rubles.

Save money by buying round-trip tickets

Each airline has set a goal of 100% completion of flights, which is reflected in the price category of the ticket, this relationship has the price of a round-trip ticket purchased.
Comparison. JAT Airways flight “Moscow – Paris – Moscow” will cost 10,076 rubles.

A one-way flight “Moscow – Paris” costs 9539 rubles, and buying a separate ticket back to Moscow 11759 rubles. In total – 21,298 rubles, and if you take it both ways at once, the savings will be 11,222 rubles.

Round-trip tickets from the same airline provide significant budget savings.

Look for special offers

Promotions are regularly carried out by various airlines, offering tickets for sale at a low price. Autumn promotional sales of air tickets are common during the period of decline in passenger traffic on the occasion of the end of the holiday season, but only in certain directions.

The benefit from such promotions is tangible in the low cost of the ticket, but there are a number of conditions that do not allow you to return the ticket and have a number of restrictions on the amount of baggage. Such tickets are popular, sold out instantly and you need to have time to purchase before the end of the special offer. In order not to miss such promotions for buying an inexpensive ticket, subscribe to the airlines’ mailing lists, or use the help of special services such.

Use bonuses

There is a profitable loyalty program – the accumulation of bonuses in the system. Aeroflot Bonus, Aeroflot, Air Canada, British Airways, Aeroplan, Executive Club and others have such a bonus program where, having accumulated a certain amount, they can be spent on buying a ticket and many other offers. To do this, you need to fly often and with the same airline, having previously registered a participant in it.

Only by fulfilling the conditions of the bonus program, you can buy cheap tickets.

Use aggregators

All data is concentrated in one place by modern search engines that are looking for information on purchasing air tickets from numerous airlines, agencies and tour operators. One of these Aviasales has a volume of processed information from 728 airlines and 45 agencies, as well as 5 airline booking systems in which you can find information about the lowest cost of the desired ticket and buy it. Go to the Flight Search page and see more of these units.

Quite often, the cost of an airline ticket is more expensive than the same offers in search engines. New customers who come through the search engine will be their regular passengers, the airlines are sure, for this they reduce prices.

Use IT hacks

Knowledgeable life hackers advise looking for tickets on proxy servers of different countries, as well as in Windows and Ununtu systems in anonymous mode. It is believed that they are more loyal to Mac users and residents of prosperous countries and, by collecting statistical data on the requests of each user, determine how much they can pay for a ticket.

Such life hacks are good helpers in the search, but they do not always work.

Take advantage of OpenJaw’s round trip

Circular air travel with mismatched arrivals and departures on an incomplete circular flight – OpenJaw.

For instance. You are flying from Moscow to Berlin, and the return flight will be scheduled not from Berlin, but from Dresden. There may be such a flight – a flight from Moscow to Berlin, and an arrival from Berlin to Kaluga, and in each case, the airport will need to be reached by land, which significantly reduces the cost of airport fees and affects the low ticket price. This does not apply to metropolitan airports.

In the case of a remote “transit” airport from the final route, it is doubtful to save on time costs.

Low cost airlines

Exhibiting low prices, reducing the cost of passenger services, these are budget airlines, in other words, discounters. Reducing costs – providing food, insurance, various entertainment, luggage, etc., which are carried out for cash. Such airlines use a single type of aircraft, there is no passenger class, and flights last about 4 hours and are parked at class 2 airports, and the departure time is extremely inconvenient.

Performs several flights a day, the schedule of arrivals and departures may be disrupted if weather conditions do not allow. Discount planes are familiar with delays and are suitable for people who are not in a hurry and have free time. It’s not worth the risk, with such a flight, you can be late for the main flight. Russian low-cost airlines: Airline, Wizz Air, EasyJet, and in 2014, Aeroflot’s branch, the Dobrolet company, will start operating.

Choose charter flights

The airline is approached by a customer, most often a travel agency, to provide an aircraft to a specific destination, this is called a charter flight. It is quite difficult to buy a ticket for such an aircraft, but there are several solutions – use the special Aviasales service

You have received accessible information about low-cost air travel and your knowledge has expanded, now there is no doubt that you will put them into practice and be able to buy a cheap air ticket for your next trip!

Tatyana Krishtop, for Furfurmag.ru

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